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Mostecka Budget Apartment - guest reviews and rating

Обща оценка: 70%
  • Traveling couple from California, Вто 14.6.2005

    First and foremost - there is no doubt that the main amentity of this apartment is location. You get out of the building and you are on the Charles bridge, literally. You can watch all the parades that are passing by right from the window. Sadly, location is the only thing that this place has going for iy. Tremendous location, but very disappointing accommodations. For such a great space apartment there could be more maintenance done to keep it up to date. I did not mind that the bathtub is in the kitchen, but I had a problem that it did not have a curtain or a sliding door. Every time we took a shower we had to deal with the puddles on the floor. All the faucets were either not working completely or dripping. I am not even mentioning the quality of bedding - because I do not think we were given any sheets, only pillows and covers.
    Another thing worth mentioning - 24 hours pizza right below the appartment. There is no way you can get any sleep there. It is not the owner's fault, but it is a fact, that it is noisy there round the clock, and it gets much noisier between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am.

    Оценка на посетители: 40%

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  • gergely svékus, Пон 3.5.2004

    Perfect location, very peaceful and quiet - all of these justify the hotel-like price.
    Sun shines in early in the morning - not suited for long sleeps (but who wants to sleep long when in Prague, anyway :-)
    Comfortable but not luxurios.
    Well equipped.
    Kind and helpful hosts.

    Оценка на посетители: 100%

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