Frequently Asked Questions


Accommodation - Searching

Q: What part of Prague do you suggest to stay in?

A: Prague is very special comparing to the other tourist destinations because majority of all places of interest (monuments, cultural events, night life, shopping etc.) are located in a relatively small area of the city center. Most centrally located quarters are Old Town (Staré Město), Lesser Town (Malá Strana) and New Town (Nové Město) - all of them historical parts of the city. More information in Guide.

Q: How do I search for a suitable hotel or apartment for my stay in Prague?

A: You have two possibilities:

  1. If you wish to search only by the dates of your travel, please use the quick search on our home page. Click on advanced search if you wish search for accommodation also according to other criteria such as price, type, standard or location
  2. You can also select a suitable accommodation on Prague map located on our home page - all hotels are listed there together with all the main attractions. This is quite helpful if you do not know the Prague city centre much but wish to stay close to a certain attraction (i.e. Prague Castle, Old Town Square etc.)

Q: How do I find hotels that are available for the period I am coming to Prague?

A: You can use the Quick search or More advanced search on our home page and tick  the box Show only available. The fully booked dates are mostly only informative, as the number of vacancies changes very fast and it is impossible to keep up with it. We keep updating it all the time, though.

Q: Do you provide your service also in other destinations than Prague?

A: Yes, we offer travel service in other cities in the Czech Republic and also in other destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America. You can recognize all our booking servers quite easily - all of them are always named in the same format, for example, etc.

Accommodation - Type of rooms / Facilities / Services

Q: What is the star rating for hotels / pensions / apartments in Prague?


Rating Facilities
* shared bathrooms (private only exceptionally), simple furniture end equipment, breakfast is usually included
** private or shared bathrooms, simple but nice furniture and equipment, breakfast is usually included
*** mostly private, but also shared bathrooms, TV, bar or restaurant, telephone, breakfast included
**** private bathrooms in all rooms, bar or restaurant, 24 hrs. reception, maid service, money exchange, minibar, TV, telephone, safe, hair-dryer
***** private bathrooms in all rooms, excellent service, sports facilities, maid service, telephone, fax, cable TV, elevator, 24 hrs. reception, internet, safe, bar, restaurant, air-conditioning

This is, of course, only rough description to give you an idea about what the hotel categories mean. Individual hotels might differ, but the standard of their service is still appropriate to their rating.

Q: What type of rooms Prague hotels offer?

A: Hotels and B&B (pensions) usually offer single, double (1 double bed), twin (2 single beds), triple or larger rooms and suites. However, not all the hotels have twin rooms or other room types with separate beds. It is always better to specify your preference of double/separate beds in the "Special requests+notes" space on the order form.

Apartments are similar in this, only they are described differently (studio, large apartment etc.).

Q: What are the check in and check out times for Prague hotels and pensions?

A: Each hotel/pension has a different check in and check out time - these times are listed at the top of each hotel site.

Q: Is there a reception in every hotel, B&B or apartment?


  1. Hotels: There is a non stop reception (icon 24 hour service) in most of the hotels.
  2. B&B (Pensions): Generally, reception is opened only for some time of the day and is closed over the night.
  3. Apartment: There is not any reception at all. We will be very happy to arrange the check in for you - please let us know at least the approximate time of your arrival so that we can inform the manager of the apartment. If you prefer to contact the manager yourself, you can find the phone number and name of the manager directly on your Accommodation confirmation.

Q: How does the check-in look like if apartment does not have any reception desk?

A: Check-in for apartments is simplified a lot when you use our transfer service - our driver will take you directly to your flat and will also inform the apartment manager that you are arriving or can make the check-in himself.

If you do not wish to use our transfer service, please let us know the time of your arrival and we will inform the manager of the apartment so that he can await you at a pre-arranged time directly in front of the apartment.

Q: How do I get to know which facilities / services each hotel / pension/ apartment offers?

A: Please, have a look at the small blue icons placed on each hotel site under the section Services.

Q: Are towels and bed-clothes provided in the apartments?

A: It is a standard equipment of every apartment in our offer.

Accommodation - Pricing

Q: Do you charge any fees for your services?

A: No, Athos Travel doesn't charge any fees for its services. Our service is completely free of charge and we will not add to your accommodation/ transfer/ tour/ car rental cost any additional fee for our service.

Q: What does the "Lowest Internet Rates Guarantee" mean ?

A: We guarantee that for any hotel reservation made on ATHOS TRAVEL s.r.o. website, you will not find a lower room rate publicly available on the Internet for the same room type on the same date requested! If you find at the same moment as making an order a rate on competing website that is lower than the rates listed bellow, please contact us immediately on our Contact us form and we will honour that rate and give you an additional 10% discount off any additional service (transfer or sightseeing tour).

Q: Do you offer any special offers?

A: Yes, though we offer the best possible rates, there are available other discounts. Please refer to the Special offers section on our website to see a complete list of all discounted hotels.

Q: What are the approximate prices for accommodation in Prague?



Rating Out/In the centre High season Low season
* Out 10 - 50 EUR 9 - 40 EUR
  In 13 - 67 EUR 11 - 47 EUR
** Out 45 - 79 EUR 32 - 72 EUR
  In 59 - 109 EUR 39 - 89 EUR
*** Out 82 - 136 EUR 59 - 103 EUR
  In 89 - 153 EUR 66 - 113 EUR
**** Out 102 - 274 EUR 72 - 139 EUR
  In 109 - 341 EUR 112 - 240 EUR
***** Out 129 - 308 EUR 113 - 207 EUR
  In 207 - 476 EUR 173 - 341 EUR

Q: Are the rates on your web site per person or per room?

A: The price is always per room, only if you need extra beds, the extra bed charge will be added. The only exception are dorm beds in hostels.

Q: What does it mean 2+1 etc. in the description of the rooms and apartments?

A: Please see the example bellow to understand the explanation better. Number 2 (in this case) express number of persons and number 1 (in this case) express a number of possible extra persons.


2+1 Double 3 100 CZK 98 EUR

This is a general information and have the same meaning also in other case e. g.: 2+4, 6+4 etc.

Q: Do I pay for extra persons?

A: Yes and if you need to accommodate an extra person, it is important to indicate it in the order form. You can find the price of Extra persons directly in the pricelist under the section Extras. Please, let us know if the extra bed is for children as most hotels offer children discounts.

Q: Is breakfast included in the price?

A: Most of hotels/pensions have breakfast included in price (icon Breakfast incl.). If the breakfast is not included and is available, you will find the cost of the breakfast in our price list under the section Extras.

Apartments: Generally, no breakfast included. You can either fix it yourself in the apartment kitchen or have a breakfast in a café outside. Some apartments offer a possibility of arranging breakfast for you in a nearby café for extra fee which is again displayed in our price list.

Q: Are towels and linens provided in the price?

A: In every hotel, pension or apartment booked over Athos Travel there will be towels and linens provided free of charge. Further on, apartments are fitted with a fully equipped kitchen with dish towels.


Q: Can we order a transfer to take us either to our accommodation or to any other destination and how much does it cost?

A: We are able to arrange a transfer service for you from airport or railway station to your hotel or apartment in Prague and back when you are leaving. It is also possible to arrange a transfer for you to any other destination of the Czech republic according to our price list or upon request. Booking and other information of this service is at your disposal.

Q: What should I do if I book a transfer and cannot see the driver at the airport or at the railway station?

A: Please check your final confirmation and read the instruction again. When details do not differ from the reality and you still cannot see the driver please follow these instructions:

For the airport pick up - our driver will be expecting you 30 minutes after your arrival time (at ...) with plate incl. your name in the arrival hall outside the exit from the terminal gate.
Please wait for our driver in the arrival hall and do not go outside. If you cannot see the driver at the defined time please do not worry and call our office number during the office hours that we could contact the driver (+420 277 004 677). If this happens when our office is closed please use our emergency number (+420 721 859 934). To call us you can buy a phone car for 150 CZK. We will reimburse you the cost of the phone card later on.

For the pick up from the railway station - our driver will be expecting you at the time of you arrival (at ...) with plate incl. your name exactly on the arrival platform. Please do not leave the platform and have a look for our driver on the platform. It would be difficult to meet later in the arrival hall.
Please wait for our driver on the platform and do not go to the railway station hall. If you cannot see the driver at the defined time please do not worry and call our office number during the office hours that we could contact the driver (+420 277 004 677). If this happens when our office is closed please use our emergency number (+420 721 859 934). To call us you can buy a phone car for 150 CZK. We will reimburse you the cost of the phone card later on.

Sightseeing tours

Q: What is the difference between Private and Regular tours?

A: Private tours are completely private - our guide will be there just for you and can be booked for any time of the day. All tours are walking and available in all languages. Free pick up from the accommodation or any other place in Prague. You can amend the itinerary or length of the tour according to your needs.

Regular tours: Combination of bus and walking, available in English and German only. Pick up from accommodation available. Tours are available for specific times only.

Q: Is it possible to book a guide only?

A: Yes, please contact us and let us know more details, i.e. date, language, number of persons etc.

Booking process

Q: How do I book hotel, apartment, tour, transfer or a car rental?

A: Booking is possible by completing an order form on our web site or by calling our office during the office hours on +420 277 004 677. Please, have your credit card details on hand as a valid credit card is required in order to complete the reservation. If you are booking your accommodation online, please, select the dates of your travel, number or persons and type of rooms on each hotel site first and our system will show you the total price. If you agree with the total price and wish to proceed with your booking, just click on the blue icon ORDER to fill in the order form.

Q: Can I book your services by telephone, e-mail or fax?

A: Yes, of course. Please, contact us during our office hours on the telephone number +420 277 004 677, or the fax number +420 277 004 678 by e-mail on or over the Contact us form. A valid credit card is required in order to complete your reservation.

Q: How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?

A: After completing and sending us your order form, you will get an automatic receipt e-mail containing your order number. Our consultants will than process your reservation and you will receive one of the following responses from us:

a) Final Confirmation - your reservation is confirmed in full. Final confirmation serves you as a voucher in Prague so please do not forget to print it out and take it with you as it contains all the vital details (address of your hotel, contact phone numbers and other instructions).


b) Preliminary Confirmation - we are holding the room for you preliminarily and are awaiting your response (For example: hotel offers different rooming than originally ordered, hotel requires deposit, you did not provided us your complete cc details to guarantee for your booking etc.)


c) E-mail with other details - your reservation is not confirmed (For example: hotel you selected is not available at all and we are offering other alternatives etc.)

Q: I made a reservation but did not receive any confirmation. What should I do?

A: Before finalizing your reservation please double check your e-mail address because a mistake in the e-mail address is the most common reason why our clients do not receive their confirmations. In some cases, our e-mails can also end up in the "spam folder" so please check it as well. In any case, please try to contact us by telephone, fax or over our contact form as we will be very happy to assist you and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Q: How long does the reservation process or answering my e-mail take?

A: Our consultants have 24 hrs. to answer your request or to process your order. However, it may only take 5 minutes to get your confirmation or reply depending on the urgency and actual situation. This time frame allows us to arrange your accommodation with a personal care of our consultants which should correct any occasional mistakes in on-line data provided by hotels. Therefore we can guarantee that if you receive our Final confirmation than the accommodation / transfer / tour is arranged for you according to your preferences.

Q: Is it possible that a hotel I ordered is not available?

A: Occasionally it can happen that the ordered room is not available. Sometimes the number of vacancies changes very fast and hotels are not able to update the availability quickly enough. In this case we will contact you by e-mail or with a preliminary confirmation to let you know a.s.a.p. and will offer you alternative accommodation in the same location and price range and will keep offering you alternative hotels until you decide if you wish to accept any of them. We will never book any alternative accommodation unless you agree with it. Therefore the contact details that you fill in the order or contact form (e-mails address, telephone and fax numbers) are very important!

Q: How important is my Order number?

A: You will receive your order number after completing an order form on our web site. This order number is very important for communication with our office. If you know your order number, we can quickly find your reservation (does not matter if it has a status of a preliminary or final confirmation) very easily in our database and can help you with your request much quicker and finalize it to your satisfaction. Please do not forget to mention this number also when e-mailing us.

Payment / Credit card guarantee

Q: Why do you require my credit card details for bookings?

A: Our company, Athos Travel, acts as an intermediary between our clients and our service suppliers.

Your credit card details are required by our service suppliers (hotels, pension, apartment owners, drivers, guides etc.) as a guarantee for your reservation and the service suppliers reserve the right charge the late cancellation or "no-show" fee from your credit card if you do not arrive in the hotel or do not cancel your reservation in time.

Q: Is it secure to send my credit card details?

A: Yes, it is absolutely secure as we are using encrypted SSL protocol in all our order forms. This is the latest, most secure technology that encrypts all the details provided in the order form including your credit card details. All our servers are also protected by firewall against any unauthorized access.

Q: What types of credit card can I use to guarantee for my booking?

A: Please refer to the section Cancellation and Payment conditions on each hotel site. All the types of credit cards listed under this section can be also used to guarantee for your booking.

Q: Do you require any deposit or payment in advance?

A: No, generally no deposit or payment in advance is requested for individual travellers for short term stays. There are a few hotels in Prague that require a payment in advance - however this information is always listed on the hotels site and you will be aware of it before making a booking.

Please also note that some accommodation providers reserve the right to preauthorize a certain amount (mostly the cost of the first night) from your credit card to guarantee your reservation.

Q: How do I pay for our accommodation, transfer, tour or car rental?

A: The payment for the accommodation, transfers, car rental and tours is done after arrival at the hotel, directly to the tour guide, car leasing company or to driver if not stated otherwise. Some service suppliers accept credit cards and some can accept payments in cash only - the payment options are listed under the section Payment and Cancellation conditions of each particular hotel/pension/apartment.

Q: Can I use a different credit card for guarantee and for the payment?

A: Yes, it is possible. The credit card details listed in your reservation will be used only just as a guarantee for your booking and you can choose the method of payment that suits you the best. However, it is important that the credit card provided in the reservation is valid during your stay in Prague or in any other of our destinations.

Q: Are fees and taxes included in prices?

A: All prices given for accommodation and tours include VAT. Some hotels can require a city tax after your arrival. It is 15 CZK (approx. EUR 0.5) per person and night.
Car rental and transfers exclude VAT and this will be added to the final price.

Q: Which currency can we use for payment?

A: Official currency in the Czech Republic is Czech crown (CZK). Payments in cash in CZK are required by most apartment owners, all tour guides and also our drivers. (some hotels and pensions require payments in cash in CZK too - please refer to the section Payment and Cancellation condition of each particular hotel/pension/apartment to find out more.) In some hotels/pensions, you will be also allowed to pay in cash in EUR however please always double check the exchange rate offered by the hotel as the payment in CZK might be more cost effective.

It is also possible that some hotels will have EUR as a fixed price instead of CZK - it can happen especially if the property is run by international corporation - in this case the price list on our website will be stated in the format: price in EUR (approx. price in CZK).

Q: Can I pay with Euros in the Czech republic at all?

A: Most shops and some restaurants in the city centre accepts EUR as well as CZK. However, please always double check this with each particular shop/restaurant to prevent a misunderstanding.

Q: Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

A: If you do not posses a credit card to guarantee your reservation, our service suppliers can accept prepayments directly on their bank account. When filling the order form please tick the little box next to the sentence:

I don't have CC, but I wish to secure my booking by sending deposit via bank transfer

The order will come to us and we can hold the rooms for you at least preliminarily and let you know the account number of the particular service provider where you can make the pre-payment.

Q: Can I pre-pay the service (convenience, present etc.)?

A: It is possible to pre-pay the reservation directly to the bank account of our service suppliers or by a credit card in advance (depending on each particular hotel). Please inform us about this special request in time. Please also note, that you will be responsible to cover all the bank fees connected with the transaction.

Q: Do you offer special discounts e. g. for travel consultants or airline employees?

A: No, we do not. According to our great co-cooperation with our business partners we provide the best available rates so the discounts are already included. To see all the discounted hotels, please refer to the Special offer section

Change of a booking / Cancellation

Q: How do I cancel my booking?

A: If you decide to cancel your reservation, please let us know by e-mail or phone in urgent cases.

Q: How do I know that my reservation is cancelled?

A: When your reservation is cancelled, you will get a cancellation confirmation from us. If you don't hear back from us in 24 hrs., please get in touch with us by some other means (phone, fax), as we probably didn't receive your e-mail.

Q: What cancellation conditions do you have? When at latest can I change the booking without being charged any fee?


Accommodation: Each hotel/pension/apartment has its own cancellation/change of a booking policy, please see the section Payment/Cancellation Conditions on each hotel site. The cancellation policy will be also written on your Accommodation confirmation. We will not charge you any cancellation accommodation service at all - all the fees will be deducted directly by the service provider.

Transfer: Transfers within Prague should be changed/ cancelled at latest 2 hours (4 hrs in case of ordering a bus) prior to your scheduled arrival at the airport or train station. If there are any considerable changes in your flight or train schedule, please call our office or emergency number (+420 - 721 859 934). Failing to inform us about the flight or train changes, even in cases caused by the airline or rail company, or failing to use the arranged transfer will result in having to pay the cancellation fee. Transfers outside of Prague should be cancelled at least 24 hrs (48 hrs in case of ordering a bus) prior to the transfer.

Sightseeing tours: If you decide to cancel/change a tour that has been already confirmed to you, you should cancel it at least 1 day prior to the scheduled tour.

Q: How high are the cancellation fees?


Accommodation: cost of the first night of your stay in most cases

Transfer: whole cost of the arranged transfer

Tours: full cost of the tour

Q: My credit card has been charged by the hotel though I changed/cancelled my reservation in time. How can I get a refund?

A: Please, contact us on our e-mail or on our Contact us form immediately and we will investigate the matter a.s.a.p. It will be very helpful if you can also include any document proving that you cancelled your reservation in time - i.e. The Cancellation confirmation etc.

Q: Do the payment and cancellation conditions for group reservations or long-term stays differ?

A: Yes, they do, however you will be informed about all the conditions of your booking before you commit to make a fixed booking.