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Хотел Corinthia Hotel Prague - guest reviews and rating

Обща оценка: 83%
Стаи: 90% Чистота: 97%
Персонал: 57% Услуги: 75%
Вечеряне: 90% Място : 85%
Спокойствие: 93% Стойност на пари: 60%
  • Radim Venclík, Съб 5.9.2009

    DObrý den, pobyt se nám velmi líbil a byli jsme spokojeni. Jen sme byli trochu zklamaní z minibaru, který byl finančně nedostupný, jelikož jsme si nevzali dost finančních prostředků. Corinthia je hotel na úrovni a plánujeme, že bychom se v brzké době do Prahy vrátili třeba jen na víkend. Jen bychom uvítali, kdyby jen bazén byl třeba na určitou dobu v ceně ubytování.
    S přáním hezkého dne Venclík

    Оценка на посетители: 90%

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  • HANA MIGLOVA (Млада двойка / съпрузи), Пон 8.6.2009

    Meli jsme objednany pokoj s vyhledem na Zlatou Prahu. Bohuzel kvuli prebukovani hotelu jsme sice byli ubytovani v nejvyssim patre, ale s vyhledem na druhou stranu. Mrzi nas, ze v petihvezdickovem hotelu nebyla na pokoji pri nasem prijezdu alespon lahev vody ci vina.
    Se sluzbami Vasi kancelare jsme ovsem byli spokojeni stoprocentne.
    V budoucnu Vasich sluzeb urcite znovu vyuzijeme.

    Оценка на посетители: 90%

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  • Schwarz Mike (Млада двойка / съпрузи), Вто 5.5.2009


    • modern hotel
    • very good situated next to a metro station


    • all is charged extra: internet, TV, mineral water
    • staff was not very nice, very arrogant
    Оценка на посетители: 70%

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  • Fiona Sharp, Пон 15.8.2005

    Fabulous hotel..very friendly staff.

    You can pay for an upgrade to the Executive Floor which has to be worth every penny..internet access for my laptop in my room so i could access my UK client files, plus free tea, coffee & pastries all day, not to mention free access to the superb pool and gym (it was empty when I went in it- and the view-what a pleasure!)..free cocktails or wine/beer every night between 5 and 7pm, and again, the most beautiful view..
    Room was reasonable size, very clean and comfortable, but I was barely in it, so it didn't matter.
    Very easy to get into town, no problems
    Would definitely stay there again!

    Оценка на посетители: 100%

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  • Joanne, Пет 11.6.2004

    I do have a great experience from this hotel as well. My stay was very pleasant. I tried several facilities and all suprised with great quality.
    I was especially impressed by oriental restaurant Rickshaw, where I eaten dinner. The food was excellent, as from the original country and the price was reasonable !!

    I can strongly recommend this hotel!!

    Оценка на посетители: 100%

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  • hill, Пет 11.6.2004

    I will have to strongly dissagree with the opinion given by the guiest from august 2003. I have stayed n the hotels just recentyl and the situation was very much different from the opinion.

    Before we entered the hotel we were greated by the porters. The reception staff was very friendly at all times, eventhough we did not reserve the right room. They have made all the changes as we requested on the spot.

    Our rooms was very nice. I did not find any problems with the shower. There was enough space to shower myself, eventough I am well-built, and the sink was just fine. Not too low, not too high.

    Breakfast as well as other meals in the restaurant were excellent. We were served nice hot buffet in the morning, all the tables were set perfectly, no spots (or cleaning them with bare hands..etc) We also had dinner at the italian restaurant Toscana, were we could create our own pizzas and the waitresses were very friendly to us, eventough it was quite crowded at that point.

    Mattrassesw were just fine. Sheets and all the thing were nice and tidy.

    The swimming pool is not free of charge but the entrance fee is very little. I think for waht you pay, you get a lot more. The pool is located on the top floor of the building. You can not imagine the view. It is so relaxing- to be swimmiong and watching the city from the top. The size of the pool is good as well. The lenght is about 15m, so no crowds. 3 people would get lost. Gym is well equipped and there is even a squash court available on spot.

    I must say, that I highly recommend this hotel for your stay. You should not be worried, since the opinion was given in August 2003 and I am sure, that even then, it was not the way the person describes!!

    The location of the hotel is not directly at the city centre but metro stops right infromt of the hotel. It takes about 3 minutes to the centre then. Very easy and staff at the hotel can provide with city maps and tickets too.

    It was and excelletn stay for me and my wife.
    Not much I can say, no complaints!!!

    Оценка на посетители: 100%

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  • Peace David, Пет 11.6.2004

    Great hotel, nice rfacilites, easy acces to the city centre.

    Оценка на посетители: 100%

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  • pechony, Вто 5.8.2003

    I just got back from Prague. I staid in Corinthia Towers, and this hotel simply ruined my vacation. Its name should be “Surprise”. I think it got 5 stars for its size only.

    1) The mattresses are and absolute disaster, unless you like to sleep on a water bed.
    Double beds are covered with a single sheet and blanket, but they put it perpendicularly.

    2) The service is awful. (And don’t even think to get a smile). If you’ve asked for something and got an “OK”, this doesn’t mean you’ll get anything.

    3) The pool is NOT free of charge!!! and I found no place were you can see it, except when you get to the pool itself.

    4) The pool is so small that 3 people already make it crowdie.

    5) The showers in the rooms are absolutely horrible. To use them you have to kiss the walls. The only usable place for bath towels is inside the shower, so they get all wet. And the only place for face towels is near the toilet, so that they almost touch it. The sink is so low, as if it was built for a 3-year old. And, there’s no toilet brush.

    6) As for the breakfast – your better get something to eat from a supermarket, and get to their breakfast just for bread and coffee. There is nothing else eatable there, unless you like cold eggs and underdone potatoes. And don’t be shocked, waitresses wipe the tables with bare hands, and if there’s a stain, (and you show it to them) they’ll simply cover it with a napkin.

    7) The products in the mini-bar are 50 times more expensive then in the restaurant. I’m not exaggerating. Small bottle of Evian mineral water costs 10 dollars!

    The bottom line is, that comparing to a usual pension in Prague, this hotel has only major disadvantages.

    Оценка на посетители: 10%

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