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Хотел Ibis Praha Wenceslas Square - guest reviews and rating

Обща оценка: 50%
  • Patricia Raimundo, Вто 6.7.2004

    The hotel room was not as clean as others Ibis we have been in. In addition to that we found the breakfest short in variety.

    The location is good, but the reception staff seemed anoyed every time we asked for informtios. In fact, we had never found so many emploees lacking in simpathy as in this hotel.

    Оценка на посетители: 25%

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  • Alex Wood, Вто 22.4.2003

    The hotel was smart and generally good value . Good points included cleanliness , a well-stocked breakfast bar , good quality / good value meals in the dining room , good service (with one exception ) in the dining room ,good location , a pleasant room with a very good shower .

    We thought that reception staff could have been better . It may have been to do with language but we did not think they were very confident in their dealing with the public . For example , we wanted another pillow - on asking a second time we were told that because the hotel was full there were no 'extras' !We gave up and asked the housekeeper the next day - who produced a pillow within 5 minutes .
    We missed the ability to make a hot drink in our room - a standard service in UK .
    Finally,one day we went to the dining room for a meal just before 1700 hrs . We sat around for over 20 minutes . I looked round the corner twice...where 5 or 6 people appeared to be having a meeting .Eventually I went to reception , where I saw Libor , clearly busy and slightly harrassed .By the time I went back one of the managers was at the bar , explaining that Libor had been called away . Fine...but if she knew that ,why did she not check that someone was on duty ? The manager - who I recognised as being in the meeting I had seen - apologised and gave us 2 free drinks , which we appreciated but I think someone needed to anticipate the problem which gave a bad impression of what we found generally to be a very good facility .

    We did enjoy our stay . I hope these comments help .

    Alex and Sheila Wood

    Оценка на посетители: 75%

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