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Art Residence - guest reviews and rating

Evaluació total: 80%
Habitacions: 50% Neteja: 90%
Personal: 90% Servei: 20%
Localitat: 60% Tranquil·litat: 70%
Valor dels diners: 60%
  • Craig Bailey (Representant comercial), Div 6.4.2007

    The girl there was nice and friendly and for the price I paid I cannot complain too much, but the lack of a TV or Radio and the overall feeling that the appartment was "unfinished" were obvious let-downs.


    • Location close to direct Tram & Bus lines to my destinations.
    • Quiet area, (except for some American guests who were awake at 2:30 p.m.)


    • No TV or Radio
    • Mattress for beds needed to be of higher quality as the base was hardwood.
    Evaluació dels clients: 80%

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