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Hotel Abri - guest reviews and rating

Evaluació total: 80%
Habitacions: 85% Neteja: 93%
Personal: 65% Servei: 65%
Sopars: 67% Localitat: 90%
Tranquil·litat: 90% Valor dels diners: 70%
  • Gilbert Radonski (Grup d'amics), Dis 13.10.2007

    I and my four fellow travelers spent 5 nights (October 1 through October 6, 2007) at the Hotel Abri. We had three rooms. Three of those nights were absolute hell! The last three nights of our stay you had a group of young British men who ranted and raved and pounded on doors from 4:00 am until 6:00 am. We repeatedly called the front desk and complained and nothing was done to halt the noise. It was a case of total disregard for the hotel patrons who spent good money to have a restful stay.

    I selected the Hotel Abri because it said in the hotel description that it was in a quiet residential setting. The setting was quiet, the rowdy guests were not!

    We had a great European holiday until we reached Prague. I am extremely angry with and disappointed in the Hotel Abri and its incompetent staff for putting an ugly face on Prague and ruining our holiday.


    • Location


    • Very noisy
    • Incompetent staff
    • Dining meager to poor
    Evaluació dels clients: 40%

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  • Soňa Juránková (Turista individual), Dij 4.10.2007

    Evaluació dels clients: 100%

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  • Ingvild M. Ro, Dis 15.7.2006

    This is a nice, calm and clean hotel which was just perfect for us. Located near to the down town area. You can choose between a short tram ride (lines 22 and 23) to the down town, or a nice half hour walk. Only thing I missed at the breakfast table was more fruit.

    Evaluació dels clients: 100%

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