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Hotel Charles - guest reviews and rating

Evaluación total: 79%
Habitaciones: 70% Limpieza: 83%
Personal: 85% Servicios: 90%
Cenar: 50% Localidad: 93%
Paz: 100% Valor de dinero: 80%
  • Petra Belikova, Vi 2.5.2008

    Evaluación de visitantes: 60%

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  • Joan Dixon (Pareja adulta/esposos), Vi 13.10.2006


    • I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Prague. I would definitely return and stay in the same accommodation
    Evaluación de visitantes: 100%

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  • Anthony Mackey, Lu 21.8.2006

    Evaluación de visitantes: 78%

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  • Justine Manski, Mi 20.10.2004

    We stayed at two hotels in Croatia and one in Venice. This hotel was a joke by comparison. It can't even reach the good-old "quaint with a certain charm" that most people avoid. Floors may be old but there should not be one-half inch gaps between the floor boards.