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Hotel Boutique hotel Seven Days Prague - guest reviews and rating

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Evaluación total: 90%
Habitaciones: 100% Limpieza: 100%
Personal: 100% Servicios: 90%
Cenar: 90% Localidad: 90%
Paz: 100% Valor de dinero: 90%
  • Frances Fountain (Turista solo), Vi 1.9.2006

    Hotel Seven Days was located just a five minute walk from Wenceslas Square and the Museum metro stop. The staff was friendly and very helpful. During my ten days in Prague I did feel like I was coming "home" each night.


    • Quiet, a bit off the noisy square
    • Clean rooms and friendly staff
    • Non smoking rooms


    • Longer walk to Old Town
    • Uphill walk from Square
    Evaluación de visitantes: 90%

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