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Ocena łączna : 70%
Pokoje : 80% Czystość : 100%
Personel : 100% Usługi pokojowe : 90%
Kolacja : 70% Położenie: 100%
Spokój : 90% Wartość pieniędzy : 100%
  • Carsten Sander (Grupa przyjaciół ), Pon 18.9.2006

    It was a very nice stay in Prague - with best weather conditions ;o)


    • very close to the inner city
    • safe parking lot
    • very friendly and helpful staff


    • high rooms - we couldn't catch the spider at the ceiling :o)
    Oceny gości : 90%

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  • Scott Peterson, Pon 10.11.2003

    The location is excellent and the staff friendly and helpful. The only major disappointment for me was the noise. I felt like I was living inside a drum and it would have been much worse if my neighboring rooms had been noisy--they were not. Perhaps is it because this is a former prison and every surface is hard, that each door that opened or closed on my floor and the floor above me sounded like artillery. It was quiet from 1:30a.m. until 6:00a.m.

    Oceny gości : 50%

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