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Ventana Hotel Prague - guest reviews and rating

Ocena łączna : 95%
Pokoje : 100% Czystość : 100%
Personel : 100% Usługi pokojowe : 100%
Kolacja : 100% Położenie: 100%
Spokój : 95% Wartość pieniędzy : 90%
  • JOSEF NOVÁK (Agent handlowy ), Nie 28.10.2007

    Dobrý den,

    děkuji za vyši nabídku slevového bonusu který jistě v příštích měsících využijeme. S Vašim hotelem a službami jsme byli spokojeni.

    Pěkný den

    Novák Josef
    Dvůr Králové nad Labem

    Oceny gości : 100%

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  • William Reach (Turysta solo ), Czw 31.8.2006


    • great location
    • friendly staff


    • some construction downstairs
    Oceny gości : 100%

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  • PS, Pt 22.7.2005

    Should have had a delux room but was given a free upgrade to the suite as it wasn't booked WOW! Cannot say a bad word, the staff are excellent and friendly. The location is a stones throw from everywhere you want to visit and overlooks the old square though you do not suffer from the noise. All 5 star facilities are there and breakfast is available early through to 11am, great after a late night. The chauffer driven limo is definately worth using as it works out around £20 for the airport. Will definately be back!

    Oceny gości : 100%

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  • Rosie & Paul Mower, Śr 30.3.2005


    This is the first feedback posted, and as the Hotel has been open eight months, take that as a clear indication that other clients would wish to keep knowledge of this exclusive little hotel to themselves.

    Just what you'd expect, comfortable surroundings, unobtrusive staff plus the most excellent location in Prague; delightful.

    Tip - do make use of the hotel's limousine for airport runs as we found it more reasonably priced than taxi arrangements made through our travel agent.

    A Tourist Information Office is located just outside on the south-side of Celetna Street towards the Powder Gate - they gave excellent service and advice (we were directed to the ticket office of the National Ballet and managed to get tickets even though they had been 'sold-out' when we tried to book weeks previously on the internet).

    Generally about holidaying in Prague:-

    If it's a choice between Opera or Lanterna Majika, although the latter was enjoyable, I'm sure any opera lover would have prefered the former.

    We'd like to bring our children to Prague even though none of the entertainment - including the many marionette shows - would seem to be appropriate for them. There's still lots for kids to do (especially if they like climbing up lots of tall buildings just for the view) and it seems a civilised enough place to expose them to Urban Culture.

    You can't miss the giant Dysfunctional Metronome on the city's horizon, but no guide book or postcard will tell you that this replaces the monolithic statue of Stalin et al now, understandable, consigned to an ignoble past. The statue left as a symbol-lest-we-forget would have been more appropriate, to my sensibilities, than a chastising wagged-out finger. I digress...

    Why not a 100% rating for this deserving hotel?...

    Niggles are minor:-
    Air-conditioning not keeping the room cool enough for English fresh-air types, so that we slept with the windows wide open and had some attendant intrusion from night noises (late street-cleansing machinery and wayward revellors).

    The lovely glass lift occasionally bugs out.

    Threshhold plates between otherwise level areas in the corridors are raised such that at first,we invariably tripped over them.

    Marble bathroom - bevelled mirrors - heated floor - PLASTIC TOILET SEAT!

    These are obviously minor teething troubles to be expected in a new and otherwise excellent hotel - we have no reservations in recommending it.

    >96% fair and rising

    Oceny gości : 75%

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  • Emma Dixon and Richard Mitchell, Śr 30.3.2005

    Im writing to thank you for recommending the Ventana hotel to me when the one i wanted was fully booked. Its a fantastic hotel, we really loved it and Prague of course! We have decided to visit again hopefully this year because 3 days was'nt long enough

    Oceny gości : 100%

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