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Car Rental

SKODA Fabia Combi

SKODA Fabia Combi

fuel consumption 7 l / 100 km           person person child child suitcase suitcase suitcase briefcase
  • manual transmission
  • stereo-radio
  • power locks
  • max: 5 persons`
1-6 days1.700 CZK
per day
7-13 days1.340 CZK
per day
14 + more days1.120 CZK
per day
Maximal deductible12.000 CZK

The rates include the collision insurance with the limited deductible for a damage caused by own fault and the third party liability insurance.

Monthly limit
Monthly17.000 CZK
per month
Monthly limit3.000 km
Over limit3 CZK
per km
Maximal deductible12.000 CZK

*Chauffeur service available
**An automatic transmission for a fee 500 CZK
***Rental with a driver only (8 seats + driver), the price includes a car rental and driver (max. 10 hours/day)
Maximum deductible stands for the maximum amount deductible for a damage / collision (CDW) caused by a customer.
Rental price does not include fuel and VAT (Sales Tax) 19%.

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