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  • House 1. Aпартаменты Zatec ***

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    One-bedroom apartment - 4th floor 4.725 RUB / пребывание
    Квартира - студия Attic 5.907 RUB / пребывание

    Attic Prague apartments offers very pleasant, cosy and high value accommodations in fabulous location in the middle of the Old Town and Jewish Town.


  • 2 bedrooms aqpartment 2. Apartments Elisky Krasnohorske ***

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    Апартаменты с двумя спальнями 13.126 RUB / пребывание

    These exceptional apartments are situated in one of Prague's most exclusive and fashionable areas, near the Old Town Square and surrounded by many designer boutiques and classy cafes. Подробнее...

  • exterior view 3. Oтeль InterContinental Prague *****

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    шкала цен: 18.420 RUB – 19.239 RUB

    Luxury Prague hotel is situated on the banks of Vltava River, 2 min walk from the Old Town Square passing by the Jewish Quater. All the 372 rooms and suites have been newly and tastefully decorated and offer either river or Old Town views. Подробнее...

  • Attic Apartment 4. Aпартаменты Eliska ***

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    Квартира - студия Attic Apartment 5.907 RUB / пребывание
    One-bedroom apartment Attic 6.497 RUB / пребывание
    Two-bedroom apartment Attic Duplex 8.269 RUB / пребывание

    Very nicely renovated Prague apartments with kitchenette and jaccuzzi bath, right in the middle of the Old Town, everything important within a walking distance. Подробнее...

  • Студия гостиная спальня 5. Dusni Aапартаменты - Cтарый город ***

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    шкала цен: 6.910 RUB – 12.542 RUB

    Недавно реконструированный квартир, расположенных в самом центре города. Староместской площади Подробнее...

  • Exterior 6. Oтeль Aurus ****

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    шкала цен: 17.399 RUB – 23.146 RUB

    Protected Prague historical building from the 16th century on the Royal Path hides a small family hotel. 8 comfortable rooms. Family-like atmosphere. Подробнее...

  • Building 7. Residence Karlova ****

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    Апартаменты с двумя спальнями 12.519 RUB / пребывание

    These modern apartments are located in the Old Town. Spacious apartments offers comfortable accommodation for individuals and groups. Подробнее...

  • Ship 8. Oтeль Florentina Boat ***

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    шкала цен: 4.168 RUB – 11.367 RUB

    Florentina Boat is newly reconstructed river boat. Offers cheap accommodation in cabins and restaurant. Подробнее...

  • bedroom 9. Собор квартиры - Прага Староместская площадь ***

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Старый Город

    шкала цен: 8.698 RUB – 8.698 RUB

    Beautiful Prague apartments located next to the Old Town Square Подробнее...

  • Room 10. Oтeль U Pava (Peacock) ****

    Оценка посетителей:

    Место: Малая Страна

    шкала цен: 1 RUB – 13.723 RUB

    This beautiful Prague hotel saved after the recent reconstruction its historical character, luxury and comfort for all the guests. You can find there many original works of art. Подробнее...